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Tuxedo Cat Saturday 13th February By Masya Zabidi   A myriad of Adelaide Fringe stereotypes are featured and subsequently mocked in The Three Cs’ chaotic production, A Night At The Venue. Starring Robbie Greenwell, Yvonne McAulay, and Chiara Gabrielli, this scathing look at Fringe season plays out like a hurried high school production with low, albeit quaint, production values. Writ


Review: Jon Bennett, Fire In The Meth Lab Words: Casey Briggs   Jon and Tim are brothers with highly religious parents, and grew up in regional South Australia. Jon is the younger brother; Tim is the older. Jon is a comedian; Tim went to prison for working in a meth lab. Wait, what?   Bennett has a knack for telling a funny story – even if that story happens to be a fundamen