Adelaide Sri Lankan Students Association [Join/Renew]

This club is not affiliated with The Adelaide University Union

About Us

Adelaide Sri Lankan Students Association (ASLSA) is a not-for-profit oriented club, aiming to represent the Sri Lankan Student body on campus. Our aim is to serve as a platform for both Sri Lankan and Non-Sri Lankan students to experience and appreciate the Sri Lankan culture, its traditions and festivals. Similarly, we thrive to promote cultural diversity in our events, which has been a highlight throughout the history of ASLSA.

Some of the Events we hold annually are:
• Welcome BBQ’s
• Baila Nights (Sri Lankan Musical Nights)
• New Year Festivals
• Sports Tournaments
• Dinner Dances
• Picnics

Given the positive attitude and mindset demonstrated by all our members during the past events, we are confident that ASLSA will be a great platform for both present and prospective students to engage in fun-filled activities that will enable them to establish lasting fellowships, and provide them with many team building opportunities.
We look forward to getting to know more fellow students on campus and having a good time together.

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