Socialist Alternative [Join/Renew]

This club is affiliated with The Adelaide University Union

About Us

"Socialist Alternative Club is a revolutionary left-wing Marxist group on campus. Our club is part of a nation-wide organisation called Socialist Alternative, which has clubs at all major campuses across Australia. We hold stalls and meet regularly to talk politics. We take part in numerous equality campaigns, such as Equal Love, organise support for refugees and Aboriginal rights. We promote our website, newspaper, Red Flag, and journal, Marxist Left Review, as well as promote and help organise one of the largest left wing events in Australia, Marxism, held annually over at Melbourne University.
We're against war, racism, sexism and homophobia; we support students' and workers' rights. We think the inequality and injustice in the world is a product of the capitalist system, a system that puts profits ahead of people's needs. We think people can and should get together and organise to challenge that system, like we have seen with the Occupy movement and across Europe and in the Middle East, through mass strikes and social rebellion involving millions of people. If you agree, send us an email or say hi to us when we are out and about on campus!"