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About Us

About Us
The Adelaide University Kasual Karaoke Club is a fun and relaxing club for students from the University to unwind and destress after a long day of studies by singing Karaoke songs of their choice. If you like to sing to your favorite songs either alone or with some friends then our club is the place for you. Our club consists of students of various ages and cultures and welcomes all students attending university to participate and share songs in a casual environment. We encourage everyone to participate, whether you’re a good singer or a bad singer the Kasual Karaoke Club is here for you without any judgement. We provide a wide range of songs and music from; pop, hip hop, Disney songs, movie songs and anime songs, which are also chosen by members and requests made.
The primary goals of our club is to; help foster a supportive environment for club members to relieve their stress through singing but also to make new friends in the process. We help to foster multi-culture and support the use and learning of various languages through the clubs music list for both domestic and non-domestic students to sing. The club is also there for students to seek help and support in their studies from fellow members.
BUT our club is not only singing for fun, it is about making social connection with your fellow students, maintain your sanity during stressful studies, and enjoying singing and the company of new friends. Weekly gatherings are held for students to come and unwind with a song or two, however club events are held regularly and include a variety of activities from; games/quiz nights, karaoke Competitions between club members, Dinners/BBQ’s and movie nights. Everything from Upcoming Events, casual chats with members, songs requests or additions, and club information is readily available on the club’s facebook page.

TO JOIN PLEASE EMAIL REQUEST TO: kasualkaraokeclub@gmail.com