Adelaide University Economics Club [Join/Renew]

Adelaide University Economics Club

This club is not affiliated with The Adelaide University Union

About Us

Purpose and Aim:
The Economics Club exists to provide a platform for like-minded students to debate and further develop their understanding of economics. Through various event and activities we aim to make a more economically informed, engaged and aware student body.

The primary function of the club is to:

  • Provide an opportunity for students to exchange ideas among
    themselves and with the economics faculty.
  • Provide a forum for students to better their understanding of the
    economic, political and social issues facing us and linking us to the world.
  • Provide members with a platform from which to make a contribution to economic ideas and policies.
  • Provide several meeting featuring a well recognised speaker.

We will also hold some big events such as economic talks, movie nights, and networking events.

Membership requirements:
There are no membership requirements with all students interested in economics invited to join.