The Adelaide University Literature Club [Join/Renew]

This club is not affiliated with The Adelaide University Union

About Us

This club was born out of a desire and passion of reading, of exploring literature and appreciating words. We hope to make a community out of this with a shared passion of reading, both within and outside campus.

Here are some of our objectives and goals:

1) Shining light and recognition on underrepresented authors and texts from a broad range of cultures and identities, both historical, modern to the contemporary.

2) Emphasise the creative voice and talent of literature within Australia, while also unearthing and exploring literature from overseas.

3) Regular meet-ups and socials based on a genre, theme, text or specific reading for that appropriate gathering.

4) Reporting on and disseminating knowledge from English lectures at the university itself.

5) Sharing ideas and thoughts on differing types of literature and critical approaches. Exploring what it means to read something post-colonially, through a feminist or queer lens etc.

6) Writing reviews on books and conducting interviews on authors - a website will be established soon.

7) Promotion of events relevant to you. E.g. Writer's Week, The Fringe Festival etc.

8) Emphasis on the research conducted here in the English faculty and have regular speeches by PHD students on their thesis topics.