Boost your Adelaide University [Join/Renew]

This club is not affiliated with The Adelaide University Union

About Us

Tired of Red vs Blue in student politics on campus? Boost is here to fix that by providing an outlet for students to become engaged in helping out around campus without getting bugged down in bitter faction politics of traditional political forums. We're here to talk about your ideas for a better campus, invigorate campus culture and bring back the campus parties of yesteryear.

The Aim(s) of this Club are:

  • to increase campus participation in activities that would be defined as part of the Universities cultural estate.
  • to increase student wide engagement in the political affairs of all students with respect to the University.
  • to provide meaningful value to the above two items with respect to
    the Student Experience.

Objectives of this Club
The objectives of this Club are:

  • to promote discussion, debate and understanding of the principles and
    policies of the University of Adelaide affecting all students.
  • to play a progressive role in student affairs;
  • to liaise with, and support where appropriate, other groups, clubs
    and organisations with similar policies and interests;
  • to do all other things incidental to such objectives.