Adelaide University Chinese Debating Club [Join/Renew]

This club is affiliated with The Adelaide University Union

About Us

Do you have an ability to speak Chinese, but no place to show it? Do you think you have exceptional logic, but no way to use it? Or do you feel boring in the life of University and want find some interesting and idiomatical club? The Adelaide University Chinese Debating Club (ACDC) can content you. If you can speak Chinese, please join us. We are the best Chinese Debating Club in the South Australia. We provide the best professional Chinese Debating training to improve our members. During every semester, we will have many internal competitions and one domestic competition which in Melbourne or Sydney compete will other 7 Universities’ Chinese debating club. And we also apply one international open of Chinese debating in Singapore ever year.
Beyond debating, we prepare many activities. We make party, paly game, go to camping and something wait you suggest. Here, the Adelaide University Chinese Debating Club is the undoubtedly choice.