Adelaide University Medical Orchestra [Join/Renew]

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About Us

"The Adelaide University Medical Orchestra is the world’s first single faculty Medical Student Orchestra. With a great level of enthusiasm and immense musical talent within the medical school, our own groundbreaking symphonic ensemble was founded in July 2008.
Since then, AUMO, now incorporating over 150 medical students, has expanded our musical program to include a Stage Band, Vocal Ensemble, Dance Crew and several Chamber Groups. AUMO has provided an opportunity for medical students to express themselves through creative arts, while sharing our music with the wider community and raising awareness and funds for medical charities that contribute to the wellbeing of others.
Our artistic style explores a myriad of repertoire, encompassing both classical masterpieces and contemporary works, along with innovative projects formed through arrangements and compositions by our members.
Through 2008-2013, AUMO has embraced the opportunity to share its music at various medical and charity functions, including the Christmas Crew Project at five different hospitals around South Australia. AUMO is also extending its program to include a yearly teaching project — The AUMO Effect in association with the Kramund Clinic at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
Our 2009 premier concert AUMOgenesis: the birth of sound quickly becoming a sellout event showcasing the musical talent and creativity of AUMO members. The following years saw consecutive sellout concerts at the Michael Murray Performing Arts Centre and the prestigious 1000-seat Adelaide Town Hall with our most recent concert AUMO InFusion once again selling out the Adelaide Town Hall."