Adelaide University Pathology Society [Join/Renew]

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About Us

"The Adelaide University Pathology Society, or PathSoc, is a student educational and research body for medical students of the University of Adelaide. It is the first student society in any Australian medical school devoted to the promotion and understanding of pathology. The 2012 committee is comprised of 26 medical students, 16 of whom have dedicated to being pathology tutors.
Our aims are broken down into three major arms:
1. Providing education in pathology
2. Facilitating research in pathology, and
3. Promoting a career in pathology
Pathology is one of the most pervasive medical specialties, with representation in almost all other aspects of medicine and surgery. Our aim to educate and promote in this area will allow medical students to enhance their basic pathology knowledge in adjunct with the University curriculum.
We plan to run the following activities and events in 2012 –
• Pathology tutorials for pre-clinical medical students, including hands-on workshops with pathology pots
• Resource “help” tutorials for first year students
• Simulated resource exam
• Pathology tutorials for clinical medical students
• Facilitating research opportunities in pathology between students and research supervisors
• “Day in the life of a pathologist” work experience
• Interest Night, where pathologists, trainees, interns, and students will speak on their experiences. Research projects will also be released.
Any medical student of the University of Adelaide is an automatic member of PathSoc, and we welcome all at our events!"