Postgraduate Association for Waite Students [Join/Renew]

Postgraduate Association for Waite Students

This club is affiliated with The Adelaide University Union

About Us

A postgraduate student at School of Agriculture Food and Wine? Need to talk about your research and studies or meet new friends? There are often many wise friendly folk around student community, why not come and find them at social gatherings of P.A.W.S.? Our motto is “to make the life at the Waite more enjoyable and enriching”. P.A.W.S. is a rich combination of members from different cultures and different agricultural disciplines (the guy sitting next to you at the gathering might know where to find that instrument you have been searching for desperately!). We organize pizza night, movie night, games night, BBQs and morning teas. All year. For free. We also provide professional development events such as writing courses and the annual postgraduate symposium. Look out for our next P.A.W.S. event posted in the School Bulletin, our Facebook page and Twitter feed!

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Twitter: @__PAWS