CHEMS - The Chemical Engineering Society [Join/Renew]

CHEMS - The Chemical Engineering Society

This club is affiliated with The Adelaide University Union

About Us

"CHEMS is a club for Chemical Engineering students and anyone who likes to have a great time. We operate on the philosophy ‘Work hard, play harder, and let industry know how great Chemical Engineering students are!!!
Every year we hold huge events, such as the 1st Year Member Welcome BBQ (Welcome Freshers!) so we can all get to know each other. This excellent company continues as we hold three more cheap BBQ’s throughout the year. The biggest events on our calendar are the Industry Night, pubcrawl and the Annual Formal Dinner. Industry Night will give you great industry contacts and a taste of the many different careers you can choose from (because, of course, Chemical Engineers can do almost anything!). It’s something you can’t do without when hunting for work experience or your dream job. The Annual Formal Dinner is a chance to celebrate the year in style and it is always a truly memorable evening.!!
The best thing of all is that by joining CHEMS you have the opportunity to meet others who have
already been there, done that. You can’t go wrong! Studying engineering is a challenge, but CHEMS is determined to help you get all you can out of it. Remember, work hard, play harder! Our steady hands will guide you on the path to Chemical Engineering righteousness. Enlightenment, and a few other surprises, awaits you."