Indonesian Students Association of University of Adelaide [Join/Renew]

This club is affiliated with The Adelaide University Union

About Us

"The club is involved in an Indonesian Student website and has other administrative functions. Social activities are important, not only for students but also for family members to keep contact among the Indonesian community.

Activities have included welcoming and farewell barbecues and Muslim Sunday school for children. The club has also organized cooking classes for student spouses to share in a variety of traditional, national and international foods. We participate in multicultural week organised by the OSA. In addition, the club communicates with students in the English language centre (IALF) to help them in academic, social and cultural information. Academic activities are held to share knowledge, to share information among students from different backgrounds and to form friendships. Seminars and discussions have been conducted at Waite. We have short activities every week: regular discussions are held at North Terrace.

The largest annual event is the Indonesian Independence Day, where all Indonesian Communi- ties participate."