Lutheran Students and Friends [Join/Renew]

This club is affiliated with The Adelaide University Union

About Us

LSF is a group of Lutheran students and friends who get together for a great variety of reasons in a great variety of locations. Friendship, coffee, discussions, worship, time-out, camps and off-campus events are all part of what LSF (Lutheran Students and Friends) offers you. We meet regularly, offering a range of possibilities, designed to fit in with your timetable, preferences and commitments. We are not just Lutherans, but come from a variety of Christian denominations and we include people exploring life, with little or no faith. We are drawn together because we believe that life is lots better when it is shared, both the fun times as well as the difficult.

We seek to explore our Christian faith from many different angles in order to confront the big and small issues of life. We invent and raise interesting topics which are free-roaming in their scope because we believe that it is important to not just blindly accept our faith, but to question and examine it. No question is out of bounds.

We find that LSF provides us with a supportive as well as challenging group of people who accept each other for whom we are, whether our faith is strong or barely existent, whether we think we know all the answers or only the questions.
We invite you to share with us, in whatever way, during your years at uni.

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