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Mature Students Association

This club is affiliated with The Adelaide University Union

About Us

MATURE STUDENTS ASSOCIATION: for those who have entered university via other channels than directly from high school. Students over 23 also welcome.

Those who return to study after a number of years away face different challenges than the average university student. Unfamiliar technology can be a real headache, as can fitting a study routine in-between family, work and other life issues. Students can feel isolated, overwhelmed with the work load or nervous about their ability to cope. Many students find it helpful to have somewhere to retreat from the busy campus, a place where they can feel at home.

The Mature Students Association understand this, being university students themselves, and offer a friendly and supportive environment for students of all ages and all disciplines. The clubrooms contain kitchen facilities (including a fridge), couches to relax in, a quiet study area and lockers for hire. It is a great place to meet and chat about university or life issues with other students who can relate to the complexity of mature students' lives.

The Mature Students Association can be found downstairs in the George Murray House, currently open between 8am and 6pm. This building is just north (downhill) of the Co-op Bookshop, opposite the Barr Smith Lawns. Membership is $10 for the full year, and includes free tea and coffee! Lockers are also available, at $10 a year for small ones and $20 for large.

To find out more about our club, contact us through the email or Facebook links above. To join, drop into the clubroom and fill one of out the application forms available there. Simple!