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Red Cross Club

This club is affiliated with The Adelaide University Union

About Us

The Power of Humanity || Crisis Care Commitment

The Vision of Australian Red Cross is to improve the lives of vulnerable people in Australia and internationally by mobilising the power of humanity. As a branch of Australian Red Cross – SA Division, the Red Cross Club leads thinking and activity on campus while supporting all actions of Red Cross.

The club engages in a range of activities with the view of increasing awareness of Red Cross on campus, volunteering our time and efforts for Red Cross campaigns, projects and events and providing students with access to significantly broader community experience.

Through the Red Cross Club, members learn about blood drives on campus, host and participate in debates on social justice issues or on International Humanitarian law, fundraise, volunteer for the various services run in SA, learn about the huge numbers of volunteering opportunities organise fairs and information sessions on, gain access to training course conducted by Red Cross, conduct campaigns on campus, develop perspectives on important issues and raise awareness and discussions by writing for university publications and the list goes on.

Members of the club are part of a powerful network that supports Red Cross. We aspire to contribute to positive change while developing our own skills and furthering our understanding of important local and international issues.