Start A Club

So, you want to start a new club?

First, check our list of clubs to make sure that there isn’t already a registered club with the same interest – the Union will not register a club with substantially similar objectives to an existing club.  If you’re satisfied that your new club is unique, follow the steps below. 
In order for clubs to be ‘official’ clubs of the University of Adelaide, and use the University’s name, they are required to register with the Union. 
Registering your club will provide it with access to the Clubs space; equipment and resources for booking; insurance coverage through the University of Adelaide; and access to big annual events like O’Week and Clubs Land to promote your club. You are not required to join the Union to register with Clubs.
Managing a student club can be hard work, and you need to think about whether you have the time and energy to commit to making your club effective. It can also be complicated if you have never run a club before. If you have questions along the way please email us at or come and see the Clubs Administrator on the ground floor of the Lady Symon building.

You should also take a read through the short guide that we have put together for club organisers called ‘Managing a student club’. This guide will explain some of the basics and will give you a better understanding of what running a club actually entails.

Requirements for a student club to register

There are five requirements for a club to be able to register with the Union:
  1. A minimum of ten (10) members, at least half of which must be students of the University of Adelaide. At all times, your membership must be at least 50% students and staff of the University of Adelaide.
  2. A constitution which provides for an Annual General Meeting and sets out the objectives and rules for your club. Your club’s constitution must have a clause that forbids the securing of profits for members (that is, it is defined as a non-profit rather than a business). The Union has a model constitution which you may use as a starting point. 
  3. The President (or equivalent) and the Treasurer (or equivalent) must be students or staff of the University of Adelaide.
  4. Your club must sign the Adelaide University Brand License Agreement. This is an agreement between individual clubs and the University of Adelaide, which must be renewed annually. 
  5. If your club is affiliated with another organisation (i.e. a particular faculty or school), a letter from that organisation approving the affiliation must also be provided. 
If your club is already active and has members and you want to register with the Union, contact the Clubs Administrator directly. You will have to go through a slightly different process to newly formed clubs. 

Registering your club

There are three steps you need to take to form and register your club:
  1. You must submit an expression of interest. Contact for more information. This will give us the opportunity to talk to you and help develop your idea. One of the main criteria for starting a new club is whether it's sufficiently different to existing clubs, and we will need to consider if this is true of your club. If it is, you will be able to move to step two!
  1. Arrange for an Inaugural General Meeting (IGM) & email to let us know the date. You can book the Clubs space in the Lady Symon Building or can book other rooms in Union House by contacting At your IGM, your members adopt a constitution that will govern how your club is run and why it exists (its objectives). Your members will then elect a committee to manage the affairs of the club. You should also authorise the establishment of a bank account for your club. Make sure that minutes are kept of each meeting, including the IGM. The IGM must be attended by at least 10 members, who are taken to be founding members of the club.
  1. Submit your club's registration application: Upload your paperwork as soon as possible after your IGM. We will need:

Once all your paperwork has been submitted, your application for registration will go to the next Clubs Committee for consideration.

The most common reason for a registration to be denied is due to some error or omission in the paperwork that has been submitted. If your registration is rejected, the Clubs Administrator will let you know why, and hopefully you can correct and resubmit an application for registration to the next Clubs Committee meeting.

Once registration has been approved the Clubs Administrator will let you know and send some details on how to utilise the Union online systems for clubs and information on accessing some of the other resources available to registered clubs, such as grants and equipment bookings.