Student Representative Council (SRC)

About the SRC

The SRC exists to represent students. We do this through loads of events, media, campaigns, meetings and publications. There are SRC Office Bearers who advocate for specific student groups and issues, including Queer Officer, Welfare Officer, Education Officer, Environment Officer – the full list of your Office Bearers is here.

Do you have a nagging problem at Uni? Or perhaps great ideas for us? Or you just want to come say hi? Our office is in the Fix Student Lounge (or the ‘slounge’ as it is affectionately known) on the ground floor of the George Murray building. We can give you advice on any problems you might have and where to get help or hear any campaign or events ideas you have. We hold fortnightly meetings that are open to all students so you can come along and hear us report back on what we have been doing or give some input yourself!

The door of our office always opens for you and we would love to have you there.

Visit us on level 3 George Murray Building (Upstairs from Fix Student Lounge), contact us on 8313 3895 or email You can also follow

The SRC President

Hey everyone, I’m Tom Gilchrist, an Arts Student at Adelaide University and the 2016 President of the Student Representative Council (SRC). This year I’ll be giving my all to make the SRC the hub of activism on campus.

As students, university can be a stressful time. Student poverty continues to remain at an appallingly high level and the threat of course cuts and higher fees has been a constant feature of the last few years.

But students also have the power to challenge this.

Over the last few years I’ve been involved in an education campaign involving thousands of students, a campaign which has twice celebrated the defeat of fee deregulation in the senate! While deregulation is gone for now, cuts on campus and the threat of fee increases are always looming. With the SRC I will be helping to organise student campaigns capable of expanding on the victories of the past.

Our lives don’t end the moment we step outside of the classroom walls and student organisations have a proud history of activism that takes up wider social justice issues, from refugee rights to combating environmental destruction. As a socialist, I’ll be proud to lead an SRC continuing that legacy.

The SRC needs more passionate and political activists. If that sounds like you, please send an email my way and find out how you can get involved!