Welcome, I'm your President!

Hello everyone. My name is Amelia Briggs and I'm your president of the student union this year. I am studying a degree in Mathematical Sciences with a side of French, and I am also a student activist. In my spare time I like to go dancing and take a lot of naps around campus.

My role is to lead the board of the Adelaide University Union, who make decisions about our services and events, and to represent the students of Adelaide to the public and the University. I believe that regardless of background, students deserve a fair opportunity to do well at uni, and it's my aim to make sure that the Union can help with that.

I can't overstate how valuable it can be for you to get involved with the Union, whether that is just coming to events and becoming a member, volunteering with us or even becoming a representative yourself. I would love to hear any questions or feedback about the Union, or have a discussion about what's happening around the University. You can drop me an email or call 8313 6945.

About the Union

The Union was established in 1895 and since then has always had the aim of making student life fun and accessible and to give students a voice at the University. The Union runs a wide range of services including:
  • Academic advocacy, welfare and grants 
  • Events on campus
  • Student Radio and newspaper, On Dit
  • Employment and Volunteering Service
  • and so much more
You can also become a member of the Union. Union membership costs $25 for a year or $55 for three years. You can buy memberships at our office on North Terrace at Level 4 of Union House, our Waite and Roseworthy campus offices and here on the website.

Our President

Brodie Scott

Welcome to the Adelaide University Union! I'm Brodie and I am very proud to serve the students of the University of Adelaide as their Union President for 2017.

Having been established in 1895 - that's a whopping 121 years ago - the Adelaide University Union has a very long history of being the home of awesome events, free services and generally enriching the student experience on campus.

Every year a team of students are elected to lead the Union to deliver great services to all students of the University - my role is to lead that team of students, to help it make important decisions about our services and events, and to represent the students of the University of Adelaide to the public and the University. As your Union President, I am here to listen to what you are interested in seeing on campus, what you want from university, and what you need while you are studying.

The Union runs a wide range of services including: academic advocacy, welfare, and grants; events on campus; Student Radio and newspaper, On Dit; the Employment and Volunteering Service and so much more!

The Union is here to make your life on campus the best experience ever! If you have any questions, come and have a chat with us on Level 4 of Union House.

Get in touch with me!

Our vision

Our belief is that an educated, engaged and passionate community can change the world for the better.

Our mission

The Union strives to enrich the student experience by ensuring:
  • that the student voice is heard and valued;
  • that the full range of student communities is fostered and engaged;
  • the health, safety and wellbeing of students which allow for development, both individually and collectively. 

Our values

Our values
Our values lie at the heart of what we do and our commitment to these principles will allow for our individual differences to be overcome.
Accessible Education
The Union recognises that education is one of the most powerful determinants in a person’s life and that it must be accessible for all students regardless of social or economic status.
The Union recognises that within the student community there are many communities defined by gender, ethnicity, faith and economic status, etc.  Each community possesses a unique student experience and we value, embrace and promote that diversity.
Partnership & Community
The Union believes that the University experience will be richer for students if it includes interaction with a broader range of community partners, whether they be social, cultural, sporting, charitable or business.
The Union recognises that the task of representation requires the highest standards of ethical behaviour, efficacy, and service, as well as management and professional skills all aimed at delivering benefits for students.
The Union is committed to a student organisation governed by the students of the University of Adelaide and seeks to foster and strengthen democratic decision making processes.