SRC Members

The Student Representative Council is a non-profit organisation made up of elected student representatives and we’re here to make your life at University easier! Our 15 Office Bearers and 8 General Councillors are listed below.
SRC President
Mark Pace
General Secretary
Michael Reshke
Disability Officer
Rose Grace
Education Officer
Daniel Neser
Social Justice
Leila Clendon
Welfare Officer
Sarah Tynan
Environment Officer
Jack Crawford
Mature Age Officer
Irene Dillon
International Student Officer
Pingjun Li
Women's Officer
Tamsin Anspach
Rural Officer
Charles Wenk
Ethno-Cultural Officer
Ali Amin
ATSI Officer

Queer Officer
Louis Guglietti
Postgraduate Officer
Stephanie Ducker 

General Councillor
George Rowlinson
General Councillor
General Councillor
Wankun Lu
General Councillor
Steven Nguyen
General Councillor
Patrick Stewart
General Councillor
Leigh Zilm
General Councillor
Dimitrios Tragos
General Councillor
Vinuri Gange