Governance Support for Club Organisers

The following documents can help you with your clubs management. If you are looking for something and cannot find it in our FAQs please contact our Clubs Administrator.

Clubs Manual: How to start and manage a club (PDF)

Personal Accident Cover for clubs (PDF)

Updating your club's web page (PDF)

Health hygiene for food handlers (PDF)

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Club Email Account

Each club is allocated an email address at the AUU domain (E.g Generally, this email is available to the president or other club organiser and can be forwarded to your existing email address.

Please keep the Union informed when there is a change to the nominated forwarding address (e.g when there is a change of administrator / organiser) and we can adjust this for you.

If you prefer to 'use' the email (rather than having it forwarded), you can access the email inbox at

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