Our Team

Student Representatives

Brodie Scott

President, Adelaide University Union
Email: auupresident@auu.org.au

Mark Pace

President, Student Representative Council
Email: srcpresident@auu.org.au

Adelaide University Union

Phone : (08) 8313 5401
Email : auu@adelaide.edu.au

Gary Sutherland

General Manager

Kathryn Howes

Finance & Administration Manager

Summa Gilbert

Human Resources & Risk Manager

Kathy Hronopoulos

Accounts Officer

Kim Fereday

Office Coordinator

Waite Office

Phone : (08) 8313 7428
Email : waite@auu.org.au

Roseworthy Office

Phone : (08) 8313 1450
Email : roseworthy@auu.org.au

Janet Penhall


Tracey Granger



Email : marketing@auu.org.au

Kearin Hausler

Marketing and Communications Manager

Sophie Siciliano

Membership and Sponsorship Officer

Jacqui Nuske

Website Manager

Louise Greig

Graphic Designer


Email : events@auu.org.au

Danielle Hoban

Events Manager

Tiahna Thiele

Events Officer

Employment & Volunteering

Phone : (08) 8313 4406
Email : employment@auu.org.au

Andrew Klima

Employment Services Manager

Caprichsia Winkler

Employment Services Assistant


Phone : (08) 8313 5760
Email : clubsadmin@auu.org.au

Grace Oliver-Dearman

Clubs Coordinator

Alyssa Mason

Clubs Activities Officer

Student Care

Phone : (08) 8313 5430
Email : studentcare@adelaide.edu.au

Terri Finn

Student Care Manager

Ann Madigan

Education Welfare Officer

Jo Porter

Education Welfare Officer

Shaez Mortimer

Education and Welfare officer

Toni Paxton


Student Representative Council (SRC)

Phone : (08) 8313 0473
Email : src@auu.org.au

Andrew Watson