Clubs Re-Registration

All clubs need to register annually. Without completing re-registration the club will no longer be listed with the Union. Annual re-registration allows you to ensure that your licencing agreement with the University is up to date.

Please make sure to login before completing or submitting the form.

The process of re-registration requires submission of the following information:

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1. Name of Club*

2. Name of person making this application*

3. Email of person making this application*

4. Has your club held an AGM in the past 12 months?*

Clubs are required to hold an AGM every 12 months, in accordance with the club constitution.

5. Date of the last AGM*

6. Statement of club activities over the past 12 months*

Please provide a brief summary of what your club’s activities for the last 12 months, ie, BBQs, quiz nights, fundraisers, conferences, workshops and classes etc.

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7. Current contact details of at least 3 committee members*

Please provide the email and phone number of at least 3 club committee members. This usually includes the president, vice president and secretary.

8. Would you like your club emails forwarded to a different email account? If so, please provide a preferred forwarding address.*

Club emails are directed to your club's union account ( Club emails can be emailed to any address, but it is advised that you forward mail to the addresses of any relevant committee members, or an additional club email. Most clubs forward their emails to the current president.

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9. Does at least one member of your committee have administrator access to your homepage?*

Your homepage can be found through the clubs listing.

11. Has your constitution been changed?*

14. Upload a signed copy of the University license agreement*

Please print, complete, and sign on the right hand side of a copy of the University’s licence agreement. Only PDFs of scanned licence agreements will be accepted.